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Recent Testimonials about our Products

"I've just asked my "web man" to link from our site to yours as we carry your products. Everyone has been very satisfied with their Canyon Meadow purchases - they are a great addition to the pool!"
Chrissie and Jens Diron
Vancouver Island Therapy and Leisure K9 Pool
Errington, BC

"I work at the Coquitlam Animal Shelter and use Canyon Meadow Products on many different medical problems with fantastic results. The moisturizing soap is great for regular baths but is wonderful for skin problems such as flea allergy dermatitis, lick alopecia, or skin that is sore from mange or other secondary infections. The soap is also safe to use on puppies and kittens. The ear products are gentle and safe to use on the most painful cases and the dermal spray has proved itself time and time again making sore rough skin smooth and supple and creating quick and healthy hair growth. Thank you Canyon Meadow for your great products that are safe and easy to use!"
Yvonne Campange
Coquitlem Animal Shelter
Coquitlem, BC

"Update on the Dermal Care Spray. Wow, it worked excellent! As folks said on the message boards they wouldn't have believed it if they hadn't seen it themselves. We had a sore on the front shin that just wouldn't heal, well within 24 hours of applying your product we were already seeing improvment it the sore. By the 3rd day we were totally healed with a nice pink healty skin tissue. Excellent! I will definitely check into the products you have recommended & would love to read the testimonials. I found out about your products through a yahoo message group for SA_Addison."
Cheryl Maday
Coquitlem, BC

"I have been grooming for over 11 years and have had my home-based business for a little over 1 year now. My clients input is invaluable to me, and has made my business prosper & grow. I want to be able to give them the best of everything and forward any information I can to make them and their pets happier and healthier. After hearing Jeffs "pitch" countless times, I found myself buying the Starter Kit about 4 months ago. I find that the smell of the soap as well as the ear wash is awesome! (the Canyon Meadow Ear Wash is the only one I use now) I always had such a problem with ear wash because of the smell, nothing appealed to me until now. The soap lathers up great and lasts a very long time and is easily rinsed out. I am noticing a definate change in the skin conditions of the dogs that regularly use it and the owners are very appreciative of the fact that I have spent the time introducing this product into my business. Thanks Jeff for a great products & keep up the good work!!"
Candy Levine Doppert
Candy's Tender Pawz Pet Grooming
Surrey, BC

"I have been using your soap and dermal spray on my Irish Water Spaniel for the past few months and love it! She was diagnosed in July with SA and Cyclical Alopecia and your formulas really seem to clam her skin and leave it feeling very supple. I live on Vancouver Island and will be over for the Lower Mainland show next week. Will you have a booth there? I would love to pick up more supplies."
Sheena Cook
Vancouver Island, BC

"Let me start by saying I am floored by how well your products work! Almost thru the summer now and not a hotspot to be had! Regular baths with the Moisturizing Dog Soap after swimming in the cesspool called our river left their hair soft, not dried out and easy to comb out! The Ear Wash works amazingly well! My Sparky's left ear flared up with a horrible infection, four days of steady treatment with the Ear Wash and it had calmed down completely and was completely gone within a week! I am sold on your products and would like to place another order."
Mitch Kirby
Edmonton, AB

"To whom it may concern, I used your soap today for the first time and I must say I am very impressed. I used to own my own holistic pet company and wish I had known about your products then. I have tried multiple products such as Melaleuca's Pet Shampoo, Animal Elementals Flea and Tick Shampoo, Gali Pet's Lavender Shampoo and none compare to your Natural Moisturizing Soap Bar. I am extremely happy with this products and will recommend it to everyone I know."
Brigitte Dubeau
Ottawa, ON

"Thank you for having your booth at the Pet Expo. I purchased your show special yesturday and this morning five big dogs,Snorkel,Veddar,Angel,Ben and Lexie had a back yard shower. The soap went on the dogs extremely easy,lathered up great and rinsed out very nicely. We three owners were very pleased. Snorkel had her bad ear cleaned yesturday and after one application smells better! Thanks again and keep up the good work!"
Carla McNeil
Vancouver, BC

"I have had good reuslts using your Dermal Care Spray on dogs. Do you have a similar on suitable for cats? I hesitate to use anything on them containing lavender oil. Presently I am treating ringworm. Please let me know whether or not you have feline product I can use successfully."
Jane Hamilton
Vancouver, BC

"Just wondering if you carry a pet catalog of products? I just used Dermal Care Spray for a hot spot on my Labrador and it worked just great. I am interested to see what other products you carry."
Mary Ellen Bitt
Vancouver, BC

"We recently purchased a puppy and the kennel recommended your products. We bought our German Shephard puppy from Vom Drachenberg German Shepherds in Sun Prairie, WI. The person we have been talking with is Laurie. She has been incredibly helpful. Our puppy is one of those with senstive ears. I asked what products she uses and that is how the whole conversation regarding Canyon Meadow came up in the first place. Laurie said that she was introduced to your products at the Chicago Pet Expo."
Vicki J. Landes
Sun Prairie, WI

"Good People...Golden Tails in Buffalo got us hooked on your Dermal Care Spray after our dog lost considerable hair due to pemphigus. Her ears were hairless and felt like elephant skin. Her snout was worn raw by her rubbing on carpeting, drapery, anything that would help relieve her itching. Bingo! Jan Lipa took one look and handed us a bottle of your Dermal Care Spray. We have given her a daily massage...her ears became pliable...and now growing hair. Her snout is totally clear of any lesions and nearly fully grown back. Now we are seeing some progress, albeit slow, on her back where she has lost the most hair. Vet today said that it would be a slow progress because we are still using large doses of predisone to treat the pemphigus. Bottom line...we loaded up before leaving Buffalo believing that we would be able to find Dermal Spray in Vero Beach, FL, where we are spending the winter. But so far, we have been unsuccessful. Do you have distribution in this community or nearby? Thank you in advance for some guidance here. Love that Dermal Care Spray...great for my hands, too, as they were cracking in the cold weather."
Peter W. Bridgford
Vero Beach, FL

"Although I had used Dermal Care Spray on my own cuts and scrapes many times, it wasn't until Little Nell, my 15 lb. Pug, was attacked by a 35 lb. Husky that I fully appreciated its incredible healing properties. She received many deep puncture wounds to the neck, head and face. After cleaning her off, I sprayed Dermal Care into every wound. The bleeding stopped almost immediately. By the next morning, the holes were beginning to close. There was no swelling, pus or redness. It was obvious that rapid healing was taking place. By the end of the week, all the soft scabs had fallen off leaving absolutely no sign of the attack other than the new hair, which was growing in. The added bonus that the spray did not sting upon application or cause itching during the healing process just confirms for me that Dermal Care Spray is a "must have" for every pet household."
Mary Brookes
Vancouver, BC

"My reputation and that of my store is dependant upon people trusting me to know my products and that I wouldn't recommend anything that I didn't believe in 100%.

Canyon Meadow Natural Pet Products are just such products. I have tested all of them myself along with my dog with fabulous results.

I have recommended Canyon Meadow Natural Products for dozens of dogs with a wide variety of ailments including dry or flaky skin, rough coats, various ear problems: wax, mites, smell, hot spots, deep wound to minor abrasions and never once has a customer been disappointed. More often than not the customer returns within a couple of days to show me the "miracle". Miracle is the word most often used to describe how effectively the various conditions have been dealt with.

I am proud to sell Canyon Meadow Natural Pet Products."
Mary Brookes
Sophie's Pet Palace
Vancouver, BC

"Martin suffers from a wide variety of allergies, including many shampoos. That's why Canyon Meadow's Natural Moisturizing Soap has been such a joy - not only is he not allergic to it, but it also soothes his irritated skin. Combine that with the fact that it lathers so easily and lasts so long, and you have a winner! Thanks so much!"
Kimberly Plumley
Vancouver, BC

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